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Every business requires a unique approach to web design, we know each business is different and has different objectives. Our web design solutions are built to last, hit business objectives and follow corporate structure. Logix Inc only work with the latest technology and solutions, so your website can succeed in an ever-changing online environment.


Smart Web Design

There are many website designers that can create a website for your business and many ways you can do it yourself, but with Logix Inc we take the stress out of the process for you. Our team will plan, design and build your business a professional website to your exact requirements. Not only that it will be fully SEO ready.

Our team use the latest technology to design and build a website, which means it will be truly bespoke; no templates, no wordpress and no security risk. All our solutions are constantly upgraded to match the latest security standards and we use cryptography and encryption to secure our websites.

Each website solution is truly responsive. We only build mobile and tablet friendly websites, so your users can get the best possible experience. User experience is key to success.

About Website Design

Website design differs very much from web development in that website design is focused on the front-end and has limited functionality, ideal for smaller websites and web development focuses on the back-end of the website to give it greater functionality. Web development is more for bespoke applications and more functional websites and applications.

What to Expect

Our truly bespoke website design service and solutions all come with our hosted and hyper secure CMS system LOGIX CMS. Built from the ground up with military grade encryption our solutions are security conscious and built for speed and usability on any device. You get the freedom of updating your website from anywhere, on any device at any time.


Time is important to any business and we like to deliver on time every time; as with any new project we would base our timescale on individual needs. Having said that we aim to get a mock-up to the client within two weeks and have it agreed ready for coding. Depending on the complexity of the website the finished product could be delivered with a matter of weeks.

Our Team

Every business requires a great team to succeed and you can rely on us to be an extension of that team. We are here to help, nurture and support your business to realise your websites potential. Our team specialises in website design and development and are all customer focused and willing to add that je ne sais quoi to you website and website solutions.

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Our Technology

Web Development
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • .Net
  • Java
  • Javascript

Mobile Development
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Bespoke
  • Hybrid

Database Design
  • SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Server
  • MongoDB
  • Others

DevOps & Cloud
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Docker

If you would like more inforamtion on what we develop please feel free to get in touch and have a chat about your requirements.


LOGIX INC. have built a company expressly to forfil your development and software needs.

We aim to inspire, teach and support you to achieve your ambitious goals. ‘Strategise, Elevate and Grow’ is our tagline for a reason! we strategise your marketing, we elevate your position and in turn you grow.

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