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Does your business work from spreadsheet? Maybe Excel documents and they all get edited by numerous members of staff? Logix Inc have a solution for your problem where we can take your spreadsheets and make them in to a fully editable software solution that can be managed by multiple users all at the same time, saving you man hours and lost data.


Intuative Database Design

Have you ever wanted to get all your data together in one place to analyse it, report on it and share it with your team? With the right database design and front end you can do all of this from anywhere in the world, not only that you can all work on your data at the same time and get real time reporting.

Our team specialise in web applications that can import, export and create live data streams so you can keep your company in check at all times from anywhere.

Intelligent Design

Our database design service uses the latest technology and intelligent design to bring your data to life. Using either SQL, PostgreSQL or MongoDB we can easily import your existing data or start from scratch. When finished you will be able to visualise your data and export it to all well-known applications, but most of all you can create reports in real time.

Personal Developer

We assign a single developer to manage your database design requirements from start to finish, they will start by analysing your existing systems and intelligently decide what the best way forward is. They will create a road map of your database system to then develop a solution that is right for your business, your structure and your processes.

Smart Analytics

Smart analytics come as standard with our database design solutions and as standard you will be able to visualise your data in graphs, charts and grid views. You will also be able to compare contrast and analyse your data sets based on variables you set. This data can be updated and refreshed in real time by as many users as are needed without delay or dataloss.

Easy Migration

When we say it's easy to migrate we do all the work for you, we will take your existing database or databases and consolidate them into an easy to manage platform for your business. We can import from all common applications like Excel, OpenOffice, Google Docs and many more. Our developers do this with minimal fuss and without any dataloss.

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