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Please use the form below to get an accurate quote for your website design project. Please note we build everything from scratch (no WordPress or 3rd party software) so your website will always be unique.

Extra Pages

All websites are built with a standard 3 pages this includes a contact page. Please add any additional pages you may require. Please use the boxes below for blogs and cms features.

Content Management

Do you need to manage your content and make changes to your site on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? If so you need a content management system.

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Blog Features

Do you require a blog? A blog allows you to post content to your website that customers can read such as news, articles and company information.

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Email Setup

Do you require a email addresses? We can bolt on unlimited emails and email addresses and we will set them up for you and install them on your system.

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Express Delivery

Do you need your website within two weeks? If so you will need express delivery and we will prioritise your website.

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SEO Setup

Do you want to be added to Google, Google Maps, Directories, Search Engines, have your site setup for your keyword terms and analytics setup? We offer setup of your SEO at a fraction of the usual price when we build a website.

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SSL Certificate

If you want to secure your website with an SSL certificate so as your user data is encrypted end to end you will need an SSL certificate.

I need an SSL certificate + £100

Updates and Extended Support

Do you want us to add content to your website or blog and offer support without an hourly fee (usually £35) on a monthly basis? If so we will add 3 expertly written blog posts per month (usually £129), post these to social media and our blog network and offer five hours of support per month within the one off fee.

I need updates and support + £350

Hosted Solutions

All our solutions are hosted by LOGIX INC LTD, this is so as we can keep your website safe, backed up and secure. Our hosting is not shared! We have our own servers that we host your websites and applications on, this is so we can monitor performance and see if we can support your business additionally.

Your Website Cost

Our website design calculator is setup to give you an instant quote and price. We have three payment options available that you can chose from to make it easier for your business to manage the cost of an expertly built website.

Please note that any payments that a late by more than 14 days will mean your website will be removed from the internet and your service discontinued.

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We aim to inspire, teach and support you to achieve your ambitious goals. ‘Strategise, Elevate and Grow’ is our tagline for a reason! we strategise your marketing, we elevate your position and in turn you grow.

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