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Our team of developers offer a wide range of services in London from website design through to beautifully crafted web applications. Our in-house team based in the London deliver projects to the latest technology and security standards. As well as offering beautifully crafted websites and applications we deliver bespoke digital marketing to businesses based in London.

London Based Web Solutions


Our in-house team of developers based in the London deliver specialise in delivery of stunning websites, web applications and mobile applications. We offer bespoke solutions at a fraction of the cost of a traditional web development agency but do not compromise on speed, security and quality. Our developers have a unique and intuitive way of working to help your business succeed.

We also offer premium digital marketing in London to help boost your business online and enable your business to grow in an ever-changing digital market. As well as offering beautiful websites and content we are accomplished trainers in digital design, and business mentoring.




Every business requires a unique approach to website design, we know each business is different and has different objectives. Our website design solutions are built to last and hit business objectives.




Our web application developers deliver highly customised and bespoke software solutions to meet your business needs, specifications and demands.




Our developers build bespoke mobile applications for iOS, Android and a multitude of other platforms. Transform your existing website or database into an application with ease.




Create unique and new opportunities for your business and your customers with a little help from an e-commerce solution. Transform your business and turn passing trade online into opportunities.




Our digital marketing experts can take your business from the deepest darkest depths of the internet and showcase your business to the world. Using a mixture of traditional SEO techniques and our own solutions.




Does your business work from spreadsheet? Maybe Excel documents and they all get edited by numerous members of staff? Logix Inc have a solution for your problem.

Our Business Solutions in London

Our team of experts based in London specialise in content creation and business solutions, from mentorship through to training. We offer training in business development, web development, marketing and IT for business. We offer bespoke training and consulting on a personal level to help your business grow in London.

Our team comprises of web developers, website designers, graphic designers, accomplished business managers and direct influencers in social media, business growth and management. Our business management experts have consulted on major projects for bluechip companies, international brands and local government projects.


Copy &


We create amazing copy and content for your customers to keep your customers active and sharing online. When it comes to online content it is important to keep your content original and concise.




Don’t stand in the way of progress as they say, as progress can never stop. That is why Logix Inc provide a consulting service to bring your IT back on track and get your projects back on schedule.




Our developers are always on hand to offer training in website design, web development, app building, project planning and business management online.

Experts in London

Our team in London are highly qualified in website design, web development and business development. Our team of experts work hard to give you the best customer experience and end product. Whether we are building a website or training staff in sales techniques we know how to get your business on track to phenominal growth in London and nationally.

Take Control

We have a client control panel that you can log into at any time to check progress of you project, submit quotes for additional work and gain support on your projects. If you are on a managed system, you will also have access to a wealth of resources to enable your business to continue growing and aid in your online marketing efforts.

Our Process

When we take on a new client we spend a good proportion of time investigating your current technology and solutions and work with you to identify your goals and ambitions. When we know what your goals are we will draw up a plan of action and phases of development. Once we have this plan one of our developers or web designers will start building your project.

Security Concious

All our solutions are hosted by us so as your business does not get hit by malware, viruses and other potentially harmful spam. We do this so as we can make sure that all our systems are up to date and kept secure. We use military grade cryptography to secure your data, so you know you are in safe hands and free from any malicious software.

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Our Technology

Web Development
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • .Net
  • Java
  • Javascript

Mobile Development
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Bespoke
  • Hybrid

Database Design
  • SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Server
  • MongoDB
  • Others

DevOps & Cloud
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Docker

If you would like more inforamtion on what we develop please feel free to get in touch and have a chat about your requirements.


LOGIX INC. have built a company expressly to forfil your development and software needs.

We aim to inspire, teach and support you to achieve your ambitious goals. ‘Strategise, Elevate and Grow’ is our tagline for a reason! we strategise your marketing, we elevate your position and in turn you grow.

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