Bespoke Website Design Or Pre-Built CMS

Bespoke Website Design Or Pre-Built CMS

Posted on Friday 1st December 2017 by Logix in Marketing

When looking for a new website it is important that you get the right advice and chose the best solution for your business, not every solution is tailored to everyone.

There are some web solutions that better suit a small business and some that suit a much larger scale business, a custom CMS maybe better for a coropration but not cost effective for a smaller business.

Custom CMS...

A custom CMS is a bespoke and custom content managment system. This enables the client to decide what they want to build and interact with in order to manage content online. There are major benefits to a custom CMS like the ability to add in certain types of content based on templates already made. This can save time and man hours in the long run.


WordPress is slowly becoming a wider spread CMS solution for web design for it's ease of use and scalability. If you don't believe us just check out Katy Perry's website she uses it for her promotion and some of the BBC's websites use WordPress at it's core.

WordPress has a host of easy to install and use themes and can be manipulated to do almost anything using plugins that are readily available.

As a solution WordPress is easy to manage and free to use.


Wix is an old school web design suite and has been around the block and endorsed by many people but it cost's a lot to get a good finish and you ideally need to know about design to use it effectively.

Wix is often touted on YouTube for it's super easy user interface but in reality it does take some getting used to if you are not a tech savvy person.


Weebly has been going for what seems an age and as one fo the most used platforms it is for all intensive purposes a good platform.

Weebly has a wealth of experience in the content creation field though so can give good bang for buck but as most businesses want to succeed it is always best to own your own work.


If you are looking for web design and want it done correctly employ a web developer as they will have the experience and the knowledge to get you the correct results.

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