5 Top Tips For SEO & Growth Hacking - Get Your SEO Right First Time

5 Top Tips For SEO & Growth Hacking - Get Your SEO Right First Time

Posted on Tuesday 31st October 2017 by Logix in SEO

Many businesses look at SEO and Digital Marketing as a burden they would rather now bare, but both are essential to flourish in the online market. Businesses who have not taken on the ways of SEO and Digital Marketing are seriously losing out now and want to know how to start and where to find help.

Start with your text...

What does your text say about your business? Is it written to aid search engines or to try confuse them into thinking you are doing something else when in actual fact your just trying to rank for a term. Structured sentances are much more useful for SEO as they will bring you more natural results as people search for long string queries.

Try and have a blog so as you can blog information about your business and how it plans to opperate in the future. We know all to well how well blog content can make you stand out in a sea of other websites and content.

Keep content fresh...

Constantly update your website, social feeds and content as search engines like active websites and rank active websites much higher than non active websites. This can be that you schedule a blog post for every couple of days or every couple of hours, but I would aim to add high quality content that has added value. Don't rehash someone elses work.


This may not be one of the immediate things you think of but your websites code is very important for search engines as structured data is used more and more. Bots for Google, Twitter and Facebook alll use structured data to cache websites images so if someone posts that page it is easily accepted.

Alt tags on images, title tags in links, navigation that is structured and infomation that is useful to the bots is what needs to be addressed in the code. Smart website designers will know about all this and do it automatically but if not I would have a word see if they can sort it out.


Linking is a tricky subject when it comes to SEO and some links hold tremendous value and others simply do not. You always want to try get a follow link not a no follow link and you also want to keep your links ideally within your niche, within your scope or atleast specify what tags will be used.

Linking works better from relevent content such as articles, blog posts and the likes. Internal linking is also important, breadcrumbs, nav links, sitemaps and clear data for search engines to crawl.


We already said that text needs to be relevant but content needs to be fresh, upto date and aware of the user that may be relating to your infomration. You wouldn't write a tech blog with beauty tips, and you wouldn't write a beauty blog with tech tips. Its just has to make sense to the uer why and you should always promote relevent content after a post.

In all SEO is hard work and takes a lot of time, so always bare that in mind.

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