Top 5 Tips For Effective Marketing - Our Top Marketing Tips

Top 5 Tips For Effective Marketing - Our Top Marketing Tips

Posted on Friday 20th October 2017 by Logix in Marketing

With numerous marketing strategies available we thought we would give our top 5 marketing tips. This is by no means everyone’s way but it works for us and it’s hugely popular with our customers.

These tips will hopefully make you think and want to find out more about these principles. We will undoubtedly post a single post for each at some point to highlight areas we don’t cover now.

Always research competitors...

This doesn’t mean stalk them or follow them every second of the day. This means find out what they have been upto, who they market to and how they do it. To get the competitive edge you will always need to be one step ahead of your competition, but always work on the principle that if your product is the best people will pay a premium. That doesn’t mean customers will come to you though, word of mouth doesn’t spread as fast these days and everyone has a view on services so make sure you don’t fall into traps competitors have by researching reviews, and posts on them.

Gain the edge on your competition with smart thinking and realisation that your probably not the first to have the idea but you can do it betters.

Be socially responsible...

What do we mean by that? Well if your niche is bespoke software don’t start posting pictures on Instagram of half naked women, dogs, cats or the likes. Portray the image you want to on Twitter and Facebook but make sure it fits your business. Don’t retweet something that could be questionable and socially irresponsible.

I like a good meme as much as the next person but if I posted those for our business that would not go down to well.

Trade shows don’t always pay...

Trade shows are very hit and miss now days, unless you go to the big business shows or niche shows they may not pay you back. Top tips for trade shows would be stand out! Be different to everyone else and grab everyone’s attention. Don’t waste time on meaningless marketing material, a good old business card and a chat can pay off 100 times better.

Business cards...

A business card can be a portal to a huge opportunity if used correctly. The design, the texture and feel can make a massive impact to a prospective customer. Don’t forget that you can give a business card to anyone at anytime. You maybe thinking that this is not how things are done these days but trust us when we say this works!

Always think about the design of your business card though, because bland and unforgettable business cards will just be thrown away or simply forgotten about.

Tips for business cards: always get it designed to be attention grabbing! Bright isn’t always best but smart is. Information to include would be your company name, your name, role, phone number, email address and website link. Not much else is needed but try keep some space on your card so you can write on it when talking to someone. This doesn’t have to be white space just space you can write a readable message.

Websites are the first meeting point...

Your website is and will usually be the first port of call for most of your customers and you can’t afford to lose them at the first step! If you do miss them or have high bounce rates have a look at some tips for sprucing up your website and making it more commercially viable.

Websites need to portray a certain image to the end user. A website for parties won’t be monochrome as you expect a party to be vibrant and fun. But you would expect a financial firm to have a monochrome website to give them that air of authority and stature.

Always include calls to action wherever possible as you want to try get customer interaction and build a user base that come back for information or services.

What next...

If you would like help with any of these tips we will gladly give guidance. Alternatively check our blog for more relevant posts.

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