The True Cost of Web Development

The True Cost of Web Development

Posted on Thursday 19th October 2017 by Logix in Website Design

Many things spring into my mind when people come to me asking for web development; the first being that most people don't always know the difference between web development and web design. The true cost of any development project can easily be broken down though into sections and structure so you better understand what you are paying for.

The first thing to look at is it website design that you need or web development. Website design is completely different to web development. Website design can be just setting up a business page with say one or two pages of content along with a blog. Most cheap website design companies use wordpress to build platforms in which is not always the best way as this can be vulnerable to hacking and anihilate a business in no time at all.

True cost of website design...

The true cost of website design in our case is broken down into numerous parts, do you need a complete plan of action or do you already have one worked out. If not our planning time will cost extra within our fees as we will have to go through the entire creative process.

After planning and agreeing how the site will work and look we work on a simple wire frame we call this stage one, this is to get your feed back on a mockup of the site and try to iron out any kinks before we start coding. This stage usually takes between a week to two weeks depending on size of the project.

Stage two would be code the site in whichever language we have specified within meetings with the client. This maybe HTML5, PHP or one of many others that we work with. This stage usually takes the longest as we will always get a client to test pages as we progress through.

The next stage is testing on a live server and checking all elements do as we have told them to. We also setup all the SEO elements which are so important for businesses today. If the website is backed with a CMS (content management system) we will then supply training in the site and backend.

The cost for a website designed in this way could range anywhere from £600 through to £5000+, this is due to all the stages of design, development and testing.

True cost of website development...

Web development is always truely bespoke, web development leads to greater prospects and a much easier workflow. Web development covers everything from e-commerce through to web apps that require database design and management.

The cost of these kinds of projects can range from £2.5k through to £150k this is because there a numerous phases that need to be taken into account. Web development takes far greater planning and far greater knowledge in database management and complex algorithms.

The say if you pay peanuts you get monkeys and the same is true with web development, cheaper is never better! But saying that neither is the most expensive option to build a quality web application takes time and would take a matter of months to complete individual modules of most projects as each phase would be a mini web design project.

Every aspect needs to be taken into account, every button click, every link, every image, every piece of text. They all have to be stored somewhere or called from somewhere. A developer has to site there and do every line of code with precision just to make sure your data is safe and secure.

To build a custom and bespoke quoting system or booking system would take around two months and would cost around £7.5k. This would include a user management system, quoting system and training. Add in a product management system to easy send out quoted and bespoke pdf, email and sending solutions you would easily hit the £10k mark.

To build the likes of a business management system that takes into account every aspect from quoting, purchasing, ordering and operations such as hr, health and safety and training site you easily going to run into the £100k mark as this would take around a six months to a year to build and setup and you are paying for the developers time, knowledge and expertise.


In conclusion, if you need bespoke software designing it's always best to get it right first time to save yourself a lot of time and hassle. Web designers and Developers do not give money back as you have paid for the time and not the end product.

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