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Top 5 Online Learning Resources

Have you ever wanted to brush up your skills in a certain subject or just learn a new one entirely? These online learning resources will help you to get to where you want to be in no time. Some of our staff have been testing out these to find out which is the best and here are the top 5 in no particular order.UDEMY...Udemy is a great resource for... Read More →
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What Are Meta Tags And How Can They Help Me

What Are Meta Tags?Meta tags are what tell a search engine what your website is about and does. You have a very small space in which to get across this infomation though for a title you need to keep it under 70 characters and for a description under 158 characters.There are 2 main meta tags the main title tag and the description tag.The Title... Read More →
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The True Cost of Web Development

Many things spring into my mind when people come to me asking for web development; the first being that most people don't always know the difference between web development and web design. The true cost of any development project can easily be broken down though into sections and structure so you better understand what you are paying for. The... Read More →


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