How Long Does Good SEO Take - How Long To Rank My Site

How Long Does Good SEO Take - How Long To Rank My Site

Posted on Friday 20th October 2017 by Logix in SEO

The ultimate question people ask us is how long will it take to get my website ranking; I think that it’s more a question of who are your competitors and how are they marketing themselves on the internet. On top of that how are they presented in the back end that you can’t see immediately, things such as the code that the sites built in, load speed, interlinking, backlinking and outside sources.

The things to consider when ranking a website is that it’s not always that easy to get the information you would like to the top with out a huge amount of effort, time and money. Time is the greatest factor most, as they want it immediately and this simply isn’t feasible.

So how do we rank a site successfully...

When we start the process we gather as much information as physically possible about your website and we create a report of wins and losses. This is hugely important as we don’t want to increase losses and lose wins; so we need to protect the wins at all costs. One main event that happens when compiling the report is we check for dead links, bad links, bad redirects and missing tags.

Once we have a compiled report we will start to delve into the code of the website. This can be a huge contributing factor when trying to rank a website. The faster a website the better it renders for the user leading to more visits as they don’t have to wait an age to see the information.

When all code changes have been done and tested we will go live with the updated site, resubmit to all search engine, add links into maps and integrate information that may have been lacking.

Then the marketing phase starts! The bit people think SEO’s do. This phase is critical as we need to relate information back to key pages, this is usually done with a blog or micro sites that show off your business via a different marketing strategy to try get maximum exposure.

During the marketing phase we would usually write blog posts, create content, post to social media and manage your online marketing such as PPC and CPC. We have a proven strategy to get businesses ranked and have been using it for many years.

How long does this all take...

As they say how longs a piece of string this is much the same with SEO; on a tiered keyword system you can rank a site for some terms relatively quickly, others could take months to rank even years. Persistence is key with SEO you may feel it’s not working in the start but you need at least three months to properly understand the results. This is down to a two week to a month period that it takes to check code and do all the reporting.

We offer custom reporting on all SEO and put it into a simple easy to follow structure. We also let you alter your link data if you are not happy with it at anytime.

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