Explainer Videos Explained For Effective Marketing

Explainer Videos Explained For Effective Marketing

Posted on Tuesday 17th October 2017 by Logix in Marketing

Have you ever seen one of those videos that has a white board or some animated character that describes something to you and how it could benefit you? Well these are known as explainer videos. The point of the video is to explain a product or service to ultimately make you think. That is the main point to make you think!

The best type of explainer videos cost thousands to produce but are scripted and laid out numerous times to get maximum impact when presented to the end user. Having used explainer videos numerous times in the past I can safely say that they get the phone ringing.

Types of explainer...

You typically get three types of explainer video, animated, stop frame and pictoral. Occasionally you will get a fully acted explainer video but that is rare and costs even more than a standard explainer video.

Most explainer videos will be annotated to give the viewer the best experience if the sound is off, say they are at work or on a mobile. Marketing exec's worked out this was the best way to get the message accross to a wider audience.

Why use an explainer video?...

There is one answer its more engaging than a simple image, it portrays an idea and makes the viewer question their own needs. This is brilliant for most people who lack time to investigate and industry or someone they intend to do business with. Having said that doing it wrong can make you look some what silly as it can lead to the video being scrutinised and could leave you liable.

Always make sure the content is clear and factual and that it has value to the viewer, else what is the point right? Factually incorrect videos can lead to more trouble than they are worth.

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